2014 Toppers

2014 was a crazy year for me. I traveled to some new places, got a promotion, opened a brand new large venue, learned a lot, cried a lot, hit a new peak on the stress level, made relationships, lost relationships, and generally learned a lot about myself. I’ve been very inactive on this blog in the past six months mostly due to my professional life. I promise to start doing better. I have a lot of things I want to do in 2015 and most of it has to do with this site. Here’s a start. I’m not very good at rating albums and making ‘End Of’ lists so instead I’m just compiling a bunch of albums that I enjoyed over the past year. Feel free to check them out or just judge me on my musical preferences. :) Happy New Year, readers (all 3.5 of you)!  Continue reading

Check out the Black Market Arts II live artists

The idea of the Black Market Arts show is really simple : let’s get a ton of amazing artists from our amazing city and have them all showcase their talent on one night, in one room.

The best and brightest up-and-comers of the Sioux Falls hip-hop scene will all be at The District celebrating each other’s talent on Saturday night. But this is more than just another show – it also features artists creating pieces of work LIVE. And here’s your chance to meet them before the event. Continue reading