Preview: Jazzfest 2010!

Tomorrow, several of my friends will be playing at Sioux Falls’ annual Jazzfest.

Now, this isn’t any ordinary show. It’s outdoors. It’s free. It has live art. It has dancers. It has light shows. And did I mention it’s FREE?

The night kicks off at 7 pm with 5-piece Jazz group, Polyphase. But the real fun kicks in at 8 pm with We All Have Hooks For Hands. I’ve been told there would be the infamous Jackson 5 cover (if only Eli could learn those dance moves), and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to hear the OMC song again.

Trey Lane takes the stage at 9 pm for what I believe is his first time with a live band. The local rapper has been documenting his journey to Jazzfest through a series of videos, the latest of which shows a sneak peek into rehearsal. The performance will also feature a dance routine by the Sioux Falls Skyforce dance team, the Skyleaders.

At 10 pm, Soulcrate Music will grace the stage with what is sure to be one of the biggest performances of their career. I had the opportunity to crash their practice a few nights ago and am completely blown away by what I’ve seen them working on, and it wasn’t even half of it! Adding a horn section, some backup singers and a light show that will “rival Pink Floyd“, the guys are taking this performance to the edge.

One of the aspects of this night that I’m most excited about is Shaine Schroeder‘s participation. Throughout the performances, he will be doing a live painting on the side of the stage. I’ve a huge fan of Shaine’s work, recently indulging in his art at his Gaps of Unemployment showing several weeks ago. Watching him do a live piece will surely be a highlight of the evening.

Jazzfest is held Thursday, July 15 through Saturday, July 17 at Yankton Trails Park. Parking is usually pretty packed (or expensive), so I highly suggest riding a bike or parking several blocks away and walking. Check out all the awesome sponsor and merch booths, grab a beer and listen to some amazing music.

Listen to the El Raedio show on Friday morning as I visit with Soulcrate, Hooks, Trey, Shaine, and saturday’s performer Elizabeth Hunstad. Check out my show page for more info.

See you friday!


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