Band Tip: Don’t just have a Facebook page, own it.

With MySpace quickly failing in popularity, it seems people these days are turning to Facebook as their main source of information. Because of this, the presence of bands and artists on Facebook has increased greatly.

You can create a Facebook page easily enough: by visiting and clicking the convenient button labeled “Create a Page”.  You’ve filled in the proper information, added photos, updated your show schedule, and now you’re on the hunt for fans.

But what good is a site if you can’t spread the word about it? I’ve seen numerous bands post the link to their Facebook, which includes 20 numbers and 15 odd letters. What if you want to promote it on published material? Giving the public a short and to-the-point address will increase the likely hood that they will, indeed, visit your site.

There’s one step that I’ve seen many, many artists forget about. When you create a page on Facebook, it gives you a unique URL. Unfotunately, that URL consists of about 50 characters that you don’t need. In order to make something simple, you need to name your page.

It’s a ridiculously easy process that takes about 3 seconds. After you create your page, simply visit It will give you a drop-down box where you can select the page you want to name, and then the option to pick your own title. Stick with something easy to remember – like (shockingly) your band name.

And voila! You’re done. You can know promote as much as your little heart desires. And while you’re at it – go friend me. 🙂


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