New Music : Jellyfish Brigade


If you know me, you probably know that I adore Jellyfish Brigade. It’s not a secret. It’s borderline resume-quality information about me. I was introduced to Lucas Dix as a part of Hives Inquiry Squad a couple years ago and followed him as he teamed up with The Great Mundane to form JB.

The Portland duo has just released a much-too-short EP titled The Art of Being Pulled Apart. The three-song FREE download contains a sweet and simple tease to what the group has up their sleeve. It’s a unique spin on the typical hip hop music. In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m not completely telling the truth when I label it hip hop.

“Character Is Me” was posted a week ago and seems to have captured quite a bit of attention already. Focusing on a man’s reminiscence on the various characteristics he has held throughout his life, the song has a meditative background and harmonic quality that almost make you feel like it’s a lullaby.

“Salmon’s Journey Home” is a little more upbeat, a sort of ode to accepting what the reflection on your life has given you, and a determination to ‘keep swimming’. The title track is a decent combination of the previous two, combining slower hooks with quick verses. It’s obvious with lines like “heart is in New York / she says I’d hate the city / I try to make her hate it too / just to make her miss me” that the theme of the song is dealing with your heart being seemingly separated from the rest of your body. Whether it’s dealing with a friend’s death or losing a significant other as they travel a new world, “the art of being pulled apart is how we pull it back together”.

Dix is hands down one of my favorite writers of my generation. If you’re looking for a superficial ‘party’ mix as you prepare for a ‘strip club kind of night’, I’d suggest you go find a torrent for RiRi’s latest. Jellyfish is an honest, reflective version of everyday life and struggles, and TAoBPA is a beautiful prelude to Diving Lessons, set for release in Summer 2013 (and one of my most anticipated releases of the upcoming year).

You might as well put these guys on your radar; It’ll seem less annoying when I talk about how wonderful they are in the future.

Get The Art of Being Pulled Apart for FREE right here, and check Jellyfish Brigade out on Facebook. And if you really love me (or them, whichever) … hit up the duo on Twitter and tell them to do some touring through the MidWest this summer.


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