Amos Slade : A Great MidWestern Rock Band

AmosIt hurts my heart that more people don’t listen to Amos Slade.

Phil Mueller (drums) has been a friend for several years and always gives me the inside scoop on new projects he’s involved in or stoked about. When I found out Landon Heil (bass) and Dan Ludeman (guitar) were also a part of the project, it’s safe to say that I was genuinely intrigued.

I reviewed their first EP, Cartography, for the February issue of 605 Magazine and loved it. I’d never heard Nick Engbers (vocals) before but was captivated by his voice and the group’s ability as a whole to sound so polished. It’s like post-rock meets shoegazer indie meets flannel over a v-neck. They do a great job at mixing up their sound, too. Songs like “Fort, Door, Sign” are loud and brash, but songs like ” Love Well, Punish Well” are melodic and simple.

They opened for June Embers last weekend at Boonies and I was reminded of how much I love watching them. They’re kind of awkward on stage, honestly, but I think that adds to their genuine quality. And Nick kind of reminds me of a Hanson brother (in a good way). If you’re reading this guys, I think an updated version of “MMMBop” could be a really interesting cover …

The members are great guys who have been involved with local music (The Glass Atlantic, The Spill Canvas, Foley) for years. I think there comes a time in a musicians life where they stop focusing on what will make them famous and start making music that they honestly enjoy creating. And I seem to be at a point in my life where those are the bands I’m really focusing on. Amos Slade is one of them.

The group will hopefully be releasing their new full-length, Hungry Earth, within the next few months. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll talk Phil into letting me get a copy early for a nice review here.

Until then, check out this new song, “Stones”, that they just posted. And if you’re in the mood to have a laid-back night with some great live music, check them out at Latitude 44 tonight with Hippocampus and Night Moves.


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