Music Monday : Staff Recommendations

MMStaff Recommendations seems like a better way of saying ‘this is the shit I like’.

Music Monday posts will be my way of showing you what I’ve been listening to all week and what’s been on my radar. So don’t feel bad if you miss me on your social network feeds. I’ll catch you up.

I’ve already posted my love for Jellyfish Brigade’s new release so skip back if you want to re-read it.

I’ve also been listening to Ed Sheeran like crazy. He’s sort of like a British ginger version of Jason Mraz without an obsession with bongos and terrible hats. It’s Top 40s in all its cheesy goodness. And get this, he has a project with Yelawolf. Yes, it’s true. You may have heard his song “The A Team” on the radio and yeah, that’s pretty much what his album is like. Here’s the video for his latest single, “Give Me Love”.

I don’t think I’ve stopped listening to Macklemore and Ryan LewisThe Heist since I bought it two months ago. They’ve really made waves with this album so I highly suggest you check it out if you haven’t already. “Thrift Shop” has put them on all the charts and “Same Love” has put them in all the hearts. (See what I did there.) In case you missed the big news this weekend, they announced a show right here in Sioux Falls on April 5 at the Elmen Center on the Augustana campus. Get your tickets now because my inside sources say they are going FAST. Local heroes Soulcrate are opening so it’s sure to be a party.  In case you’ve missed it, check out this video they shot at NPR for the Tiny Desk Concert series below. (And if you’re REALLY late on this, here’s a video of my friends and I performing “And We Danced” at rap karaoke a few months ago.)

Speaking of Macklemore, if you’ve heard his song “Same Love”, you’ve probably fallen in love with the female vocalist like I have. Her name is Mary Lambert and she’s a recording artist from the Seattle area. After listening to the song a million times and seeing her beautiful performance on Ellen and live in Minneapolis next weekend, I immediately bought her Letters Don’t Talk EP. This woman has such an amazing voice and has become an idol to me. Check out her song “My Moon” below and thing about paying a simple $5 to support her.

Another album that I can’t seem to get out of my playlist is Imagine DragonsNight Visions. It’s also been out for several months now but it’s just so damn catchy. Think The Lumineers meets Mumford and Sons with a touch of Neon Trees. “It’s Time” has had it’s share of airtime on the radio, and they just released a video for “Radioactive” which you can see below.

Honorable mention for random discovery:
I have a weird obsession with UK bands. I stumbled upon this group called The Hotelles recently and kinda dig it. It’s like old punk with a modern alt-rock twist. And their drummer is only 14 years old. Who doesn’t love a good child prodigy band?

Most unexplainable video:
DMX sings “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. ‘Nuff said.

I’d love to see some comments about what you’ve been listening to lately as well. Hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment here. What do you think should be on my radar?


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