New Video : Burlap Wolf King “August Rain”

I admittedly don’t listen to a whole lot of folk rock. I’m sure there are many great artists out there that I haven’t even heard of, and I won’t pretend to be a master at the genre.

But regardless of your specified taste in music, I’m betting you’ll like Burlap Wolf King. I’ve known Thomas Hentges for years (which is not long enough) and have often named him the best male vocalist in Sioux Falls. That may be an overbearing title, but every single time I see him live, he completely blows me away. Though BWK is his own masterpiece, he lists the help of many talented musical friends for recording and live sets. His new EP will be released on January25 and it’s already on my list of Most Anticipated Local Albums of 2013.

BWK has two nights booked at Latitude 44 (January 25 with Pleasure Horse and the Sewer Rats OR January 26 with Jami Lynn & Dylan James and The Union Grove Pickers) for his release show, and I highly suggest adding at least one of them to your calendar.

Check out this video he just released of “August Rain”, a track on the upcoming album.


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