Interview : Minneapolis’ Botzy talks love for Sioux Falls, The Best Love Is Free

Botzy2It was just over two years ago that Adam Botsford (aka Botzy) made his first trip to Sioux Falls to promote his band, Culture Cry Wolf‘s, first show in town. Since then, the Minneapolis group has gained a cult-like following, opening for locals like Soulcrate and Later Babes, as well as headlining their own shows. Rapper/emcee/web-nerd Botzy has also performed a few solo sets in town, and you can catch him performing this Saturday, December 22, at Boonies for the Label “Still Breathing – Pumping Life Into Our Skate Scene” fashion show and benefit.

Until then, check out this interview I did with Botzy about his undying admiration for Sioux Falls (mainly a downtown bar called TommyJacks) and his annual event and compilation CD, The Best Love Is Free.

Q : Do you remember your first trip to Sioux Falls, and what was the thing that stuck in your mind the most about the city?
A : I remember my first time for sure! Myself and a few friends came out a few weeks before our show, to do a radio interview (with you!) and to promote. If I recall correctly, we went around town to flyer. To be perfectly honest, I can’t say much stuck in mind for that particular trip. Sioux Falls has slowly stolen my heart, over the dozen or so times I have visited.

Q : What kind of comparisons or differences have you noticed between the Sioux Falls music scene and the Minneapolis music scene?
A : Sioux Falls and Minneapolis both have amazing dive bars with charm! Y’all have TommyJacks and we have the C C Club. When is TommyJacks going to open a MPLS location? Oh, you said music. Music wise, it’s all about the fans. People come to shows and intend on partying while paying attention to lyrics. That’s my personal assessment anyway.

Q : Do you have any favorite artists from the area or people who are on your radar?
A : Later Babes makes me want to move to Sioux Falls. Soulcrate aspires me to continue making hip hop. I’m awaiting Isaac’s [from We All Have Hooks For Hands and Later Babes] country-trap-folk-electro-pop project featuring Skrillex. That should be tight.

Q : What music projects do you have coming up either solo or with CCW?
A : This past weekend I had a studio session with Nimo ( my DJ ) adding cuts to my upcoming solo release (BUCK FOTZY). I don’t have a release date planned, although it should be early or mid 2013. Culture Cry Wolf’s new EP will be out around the same time (entirely produced by Sapient). We are also working on new live band material (4+ songs done). I have been working on a few other projects I don’t want announce just yet … but hot damn. So much music being stoked up for release in 2013.

Q : What was the thought process behind starting the TBLIF?
A : The Best Love is Free was started because I was listening to a lot of the mainstream mixtape market. It amazed me there wasn’t a standard compilation CD for the indie market. Back in the day, I know DU Nation used to make them … but lately? No one in MPLS. It’s kind of my way of giving back to the community.

Q : What do you think has allowed TBLIF to continue to live?
A : The Best Love is Free continues based purely on the support. I still have friends with year 3 in there car, getting constant play. That kind of support, combined with the work ethic of Adam J. Dunn, Matt Raskin, Molly Waseka and Crista Bell … really they are the people keeping this event afloat. I’m just the friendly face on the front cover.

Q : Are you excited to come back to Sioux Falls and why?
A : WAY excited to come back to Sioux Falls. I think we have been stranded there multiple times, and I never mind. If I ever get enough money saved up, I would love to stay out there for a month or two. I have created so many awesome friendships with people there, so it’s important that I visit and catch up with these people.

Q : Is there anything else you’d like to add?
A : Hrm. How about this picture of a cat with a mustache?


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