Local artists create Stay Live Method collective

StayLiveA few months ago I was approached by a local hip-hop musician to be a part of a new group forming in Sioux Falls. The group was made mainly of other rappers in the area, with the purpose of merging the music and the art communities.

Stay Live Method focuses on creating a connection between all artists: musicians, photographers, painters, poets, etc. The goal is to create a new scene; A community that provides high quality live events through the connection of all creatives (and those who support the arts).

“I really want to do this just to solidify the hip hop and artistic scene as a whole,” said Dino Babic, a founding member and local rapper. “I think that’s what Sioux Falls really needs to be recognized more as a scene amongst the other cities.”

The group has been a work in progress (as is any new development) but has made strides to lock down a plan and present it to the world. Stay Live already has dozens of participants eager to be a part of something bigger, and I have no doubts that the group will open the community to just that.

Take a look at their Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ to stay up to date with what they’re doing. I’ll also be keeping tabs on the group by posting updates here. If you want to get involved with the group, email them at staylive.method (at) gmail.com

Supporting your community is supporting your scene. Be a part of it, whether that be entertainer or viewer. We’re all in this together.


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