Slow Friday afternoon? Listen to this.

Fridays can really drag, huh? If you need something new to check out while pretending to finish up that spreadsheet or even just want something new to discover over the weekend, I have you covered.

Here are a few new things I’ve been listening to over the week.

pushmi-pullyu-in-the-bleak-midwinter-400I’m kind of in-like with this experimental rock group out of Madison, WI, called Pushmi-Pullyu. And not just for their name. They just released a new track that is a spin on a Christmas carol (minus the annoying sleigh bells most holiday songs contain). Check it out below.


MiloIncredibly talented and slightly nerdy rapper Milo released two New Year’s EPs this week, Things That Happen at Day and Things That Happen at Night (see what he did there). I have this vision in my head that he sits in a dark basement with an open box of day-old pizza and a MacBook writing raps and listening to TEDTalks all day. You know, one of those kinda weird characters that ends up saving the day. Or something.

Check my favorite track below or click the links above to listen to the EPs.


I haven’t given European rock group New Politics too much time in the earbuds, but I really love what I have heard from them. They just uploaded a new single yesterday and I love it’s upbeat sound.  It’s one of those ‘get the hell out of bed and do something already’ kind of songs. Listen below.


I realize this next one is already a week old but get over it. If you’re into [super short] podcasts, listen to it anyway. The always creative and usually hilarious Fresh Produce created a new segment called “Crap I Learned Online Just Now”. Yep, it’s as good as it sounds. Check out Brian and Ted talking about some weird bottled sound experiment and Apple’s influence on New York City’s crime rate below. And if you need something to do tonight, head down to the Ipso Gallery for their “Mel” : A Celebration of Mel Spinar’s Portraiture showing.


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