Music Monday : A post for Lucas Dix


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I’m switching up the Music Monday type entry a little today to make a special post dedicated to a good dude who I admire. (Don’t worry, there are also music suggestions included. )

You may or may not know Lucas Dix from the groups Hives Inquiry Squad and Jellyfish Brigade. A Wisconsin native, the mighty teacher/rapper/hiker/basketball fan/chicken owner now lives in Portland. I was introduced to his music a few years back through a friend and have followed him (generally in a non-creepy way) ever since. I have gotten to know him a bit through the works of social media and written rap verses and have nothing but positive things to say (and hear) about the dude.

Recently he has been going through some rough shit. Per his Facebook page:

“Welp. Back in November I had a mole the size of a nickel removed from my groin area. A mole that had been previously biopsied and diagnosed as nothing more than an ordinary mole a year ago. However, about six weeks ago, I received a phone call from my dermatologist informing me that that same mole they removed was a melanoma. My doctors have been pretty awesome and the surgeons have since let me know that based on all the factors of the skin tumor, there is an 85% chance that all the cancer is gone from my body. As a precautionary measure, they are going to be slicing me open tomorrow to take some lymph nodes and extra skin, meaning I’ma be in bed for about a week, watching movies, grading papers, writing raps and maxing on pizza. Here’s to a successful surgery tomorrow and starting 2013 off with positive news by way of negative results.”

The surgery seemed to go well and Lucas is currently holed up on bed-rest recovering (which also sounds to be going pretty well). We are all wishing for negative results from the tests, and if you have any extra positive vibes to send into the universe, I highly recommend sending them in his direction.

Now for some music. I’ve compiled a list of Dix-approved artists/songs for you to listen to (if you haven’t already) below.

Obviously I’m gonna start with Lucas’ own music. “Sunflowers” is probably the song that captured me most, so that’s a mandatory post. I also made a post a while back about Jellyfish’s latest release, so feel free to check that out.

I also have to give a shout out to his Hives Inquiry Squad era. Unfortunately I never got to meet the second half, Gavin Soens, before he left this Earth, but Lucas and his friends keep his memory so alive that it feels like I’ve known him.


James Blake and Bon Iver (two amazing artists) joined forces about a year and a half ago to make this beautiful song, “Fall Creek Boys Choir”. It has the best of both artists and I suggest checking out each if you dig this sound.


Just over a year ago, producer Shut-ins released Underwrought Works, a beautiful mixtape of electronic music. The only words on the album actually come from Hives Inquiry Squad (on “The Syndicated Television Series”). The album was released physically on cassette tape (yes, you read that accurately) but you can also listen to it here. It’s great as background music at work or pumped loud through your car speakers as you drive through the countryside with the windows down.


The next one is a bit of a change in the musical pace. The BellBoys are another Portland group with an American-folk sound. It’s not generally what I seek out in music but I’m glad this group showed up on my Facebook feed. It’s kinda twangy but that’s not always a bad thing. It does make me wanna put on a vintage dress and go dancing at the VFW though. I’ll Be Here All Night can be streamed in its entirety on Bandcamp.


If you’re STILL craving more music, Lucas created an AMAZING list of his favorite albums and songs from 2012 over at Mind Inversion (and when you’re done with his list, poke around that site for a while – it’s pretty great). Also be sure to follow Lucas on Twitter and like him on Facebook to stay current with his happenings.


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