Local musicians open new recording studio with a special launch show tonight

KilldeerTwo Sioux Falls locals and veteran musicians have recently opened a brand new recording space just outside of town. Killdeer Recording Company is the brainchild of Dan Ludeman (Amos Slade, The Spill Canvas) and Jesse Logterman (ex De Netherman).

The two came together through a mutual friend, Kyle Langle, after Langle’s business, Encore Production, moved into a large space on the outskirts of Tea. The space provided plenty of room for a stage, band practice areas, storage space, and a studio. Last fall, the three set out on constructing a full-service studio from scratch, designing it to be specifically made for recording.

In the past several years, Ludeman has been a part of a couple local bands, with most of his success known from The Spill Canvas. With TSC he was able to record at different places around the US and tour all around the world. Logterman has been recording himself and others in his basement studio, a decent little space for groups like Roman Ships, Infaux, and the now-defunct Sinking Steps … Rising Eyes. Between the two, the experience and knowledge about recording and song-writing spans decades, and offers a complete package for musicians looking for help without needing to go very far.

“We sort of fill this gap between recording in your basement and going to a studio in Omaha,” says Logterman.

Killdeer offers a professional atmosphere to assist both younger and older musicians of all genres record music with the best quality. The competitive rates and open schedules let them work with everyone, and the duo sees this opportunity as their chance to give back to the community they’ve been a part of for so long. Going to a studio allows artists to get an outside look at their sound, but the two are also very flexible with artists who may not be able to afford a lot of studio time. Ludeman and Logterman can handle any part of the recording process, from mixing to mastering, but are also willing to work with artists who maybe prefer to record at home, and just need someone to do their mix.

“We’re able to help breathe more life into people’s albums,” says Ludeman. “And we just want to do something we enjoy.”

Encore Productions and Killdeer Studios will be hosting a launch party tonight to unveil the new space and preview their concert hall. The two businesses hope to offer a new venue for all-ages shows, as well as an area for bands to practice or store their equipment.

Tonight’s 18+ show will feature performances by Amos Slade, Roman Ships, The Business, Man, and Sunshine & The Foster Child. There is a $5 cover, with doors opening at 7:30 pm and music starting at 8 pm. Visit the Facebook event page for more info.

Encore Productions and Killdeer Studios is located at 46984 Sunselt Blvd, Unit A, in Tea, SD. Alcohol is not allowed on the site. For more information about the businesses, visit either one of their websites listed below.



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