Cause of the Day : Be a Fearless Beauty

F-StokesThe beautiful Rodney Lucas (aka F. Stokes) has recently launched his Kickstarter to raise funds for his next album, Fearless Beauty.

As anyone with a goal to create art may know, that shit can get expensive. From recording artists to photographers to authors, making the work is one thing but distributing it is a whole other level.

Stokes is an amazing emcee who I’ve been following for several years – he has made several stops in Sioux Falls, the last one being with Black Clover mafia father Mac Lethal. He has toured not only stateside, but also throughout Europe relentlessly for the past several years, and now it’s time for him to record his greatest work of art yet.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Stokes’ music focuses on bringing back a reality to hip-hop music with poetic lyrics of his impoverished urban upbringing. He is a man who leads a simple life, cherishing the mundane, while documenting his experiences of creating a bigger world.

To listen to his stories, visit his Bandcamp or check out the video for his song, “My Simple”, below. To follow him daily, visit his Twitter and Facebook pages. To help him reach his dream of recording Fearless Beauty, please consider donating even $5 to his campaign. Support artists – karma will pay you back.


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