Phantom Balance debuts new video, Sapient releases new record, and I get a promotion at work

Happy Tuesday lovely readers. It’s been a while since I posted some of my new ‘jams’ but here’s me making up for it.

PBSioux Falls’ own Phantom Balance dropped their new video for “Coliseum” (posted below) today. It’s a gritty song with a matching dark video but I love that it highlights the natural chemistry between the two brothers. I have extremely high hopes for these guys in the local scene and I think that will be more evident when Loser, their new album, comes on out March 1.

The rap duo is currently preparing for tour, traveling to the west coast and back, and I couldn’t be more excited for the steps they’re taking to bring their music to the next level. Make sure you know who these guys are now and try your hardest to get to their release show on March 15 at Boonies.


sapientI have been looking forward to the release of Slump by Portland’s Sapient for months. It has been on my most-anticipated of 2013 list and I am happy to say that it doesn’t disappoint. I may only be through the album once but I can tell it will be a staple in my earbuds for a while yet. The hip-hop artist ditches the rapping for a more R&B vibe, showing off his vocals in an almost indie-pop kind of way. The dude kills the instrumentals, and I’ve heard that the violins he uses on “Went Like This” are the work of his mom, a concert violinist.

Sapient is also an excellent writer – the kind that I would by books, not just albums from – and my admiration for him is possibly fueled by my respect for his family-man vibe (if you haven’t read the article he wrote for Huffington Post, “I Am a Hip-Hop Artist Dad” you really should). I tend to gravitate towards music that tells a story, and this album gives me that.

You can stream Slump now on Bandcamp or check out the video below for the album’s first single “Shotgun In My Spaceship”. If you enjoy his music, tweet him and tell him to plan a Sioux Falls stop on his upcoming tour.


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