Fuck Yeah Females : A spotlight on some leading ladies

I’ve realized recently that I don’t shine nearly enough light on the lovely ladies that frequent my playlist. Let’s change that.

I do plan to do more posts like this in the future  as there are far too many good artists to be mentioned in one post, but start with these three to get your estrogen flowing.

dessaI think Dessa is the number one artist that I actually wish I was friends with. Not like Facebook-friends, but like text-her-inside-jokes-about-that-karaoke-bar-we-ended-up-at-after-hours-on-a-bender-night-in-a-random-hidden-town-kind-of-friend.

That sounds creepy. Maybe we can start by being in the same book club or something.

Dessa is part of Doomtree, a Minneapolis hip-hop group. She’s and excellent writer, rapper, vocalist, and apparently teacher. I envy her ability to wear the biggest hoop earrings without looking like a Hooters waitress. She also helped create the only lipstick I ever wear.

She’s got a beautiful voice and an even lovelier mind. I think she’s a storyteller at heart and finding a way to tell it rhythmically just seems to come naturally. Check out some of her stuff here or stream one of my favorite songs below. If you like her and live in Sioux Falls, please go to Icon Lounge on March 9 as she kicks of her tour to SXSW.


finefrenzyA Fine Frenzy hit my radar years ago with One Cell in the Sea. “Almost Lover“, “Rangers”, “You Picked Me” … so many good songs on that album became staples in my playlists and burned CDs handed to friends (insert nostalgic sigh).

I never pretend to be a mega-fan when I’m not so I’ll admit I fell off the AFF wagon for a while but she jumped back on my radar last fall with the release of Pines. I love the ethereal feel of her music. It fits as ambient music for watching the rain fall or grooving to while cooking.

If you look into her stuff, definitely check out a lot of her back catalog along with the new. She has such a good collection of sad ballads mixed with upbeat anthems. Check out some of her stuff here or watch the video below for one of her newer songs, “Now Is The Start”.


wildbelleI have just recently started listening to Wild Belle but it seems like they’ve been getting a LOT of attention lately, which is impressive since they don’t even have a full album out yet. The group is made up of a brother-sister duo so I realize they don’t COMPLETELY fall into the ‘lady’ category but the lead singer’s voice is so sultry that I have to include her in this post.

The dude (Elliot) plays funky saxophone jazz-inspired music for the Amy Winehouse-esque chick (Natalie) to croon over. Listen to “Keep You” below and try (I dare you!) not to get it stuck in your head all day. They also have a Soundcloud and their debut album, Isles, comes out March 12.

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