Hey! Here’s a new post about new things!

In the crazy madness that is my job during the month of March, I have not been able to make many updates. Don’t you worry, I’m back, and I’m ready to catch you all up. Check out these new videos, songs, and albums released recently. I also highly encourage your feedback here or on Twitter if you want to tell me what you’ve been listening to. If I like it, I just might post it.


NEW MUSIC VIDEO : Botzy’s “You Got It?”

This was actually just released yesterday so I’m not TOO far behind on it. The video itself seems very low-key low-budget which isn’t a bad (or unexpected) thing for an independent artist. I really really dig this song, though. It’s got a fun vibe to it and a damn catchy hook. I’ve gotten a sneak peak at his new record and I can confidently say I’m impressed. I’ll keep you updated when he posts new music and it’s very possible he has a big announcement coming soon … Check out the video below and visit him on the Facebook if you feel so inclined.


NEW TUNES : Hyphon’s “Maven” and “WithdrA.W.O.L.”

Oh rappers and their weird song titles. Hyphon is an artist from La Crosse, WI, who is working on new solo music after a few years focusing on his group, Another Exoneration. There is an album almost completed (titled A Shapely Sign of Things to Come) but just last week he released two singles to tide us over. Check them out below and follow him on Twitter for occasional inspiration and frequent ramblings.


NEW ALBUM : Phantom Balance’s Loser

I made a post a few weeks ago premiering a song off Phantom Balance’s upcoming album and now it’s here! The locals just got home last week from a (seemingly successful) short tour and threw a party at Boonies to release the new record. I got a moment of momma-pride when I saw all the kids they brought out – and by kids I really mean kids; I felt like a grandma at this show. It’s exciting to see the younger generation being able to take part in a music scene and these guys seem to be the leaders for them. Though the show was a little all over the place, with way too many artists performing and a sort of mess of a schedule (“everyone bring a friend to stand on the stage!”), I need to remind myself of how many viewers (and performers) had Xs on their hands. This group has a ton of potential backed by a lot of people – they’re going to blow up the scene some day.

Listen to their album below or click here to download it for FREE. Like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their journey.


FROM THE VAULT : Hives Inquiry Squad with Reed Grimm “Not This Way”

My favorite dude, Lucas Dix, recently posted this six-year-old song he made with Reed Grimm (yes, he was on American Idol) while in Hives Inquiry Squad. From what I’ve heard, Hives and Grimm’s group, Shoeless Revolution, did a lot of work together when they were both in the La Crosse, WI area. The posted description lists the songs as ‘poppy’ but I think that’s what makes it awesome. It’s a little different from the music Dix is now making with Jellyfish Brigade (though the style of each artist is still very audible) but it’s a good collaboration that I think they should still be proud of. I’m ecstatic that Dix continues to post and work with Gavin Theory’s music and beats to keep him alive. Listen to the track below.



You didn’t think I was actually going to make a post about new music and not mention JT, did you? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that JT just released a new album. Forget the genre of music you have ‘allegiance’ to and listen to this album. You know you want to. He just premiered a video for “Mirrors” and while the whole dancing-in-the-hall-of-mirrors is really weird, I love this song. Watch it below.


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