Fuck Yeah Females : Another spotlight on some leading ladies

Welcome to the second installment at my attempts to shed some light on the females in my library. You can still read the first attempt here, and there are sure to be many more.

kflayThere aren’t a whole lot of female emcees I can get behind. I don’t know why. I really try to appreciate them but I just don’t back the whole ‘I’m a bad bitch’ movement. Along comes K.Flay reminding us that females can be considered ‘hip-hop’ without showing up in videos wearing just bikinis. The girl writes real-life songs for average people (notice how I don’t say ‘girls’ – she appeals to the masses). She’s got this fun punk-rock vibe that I love; I seem to have a lot of respect for a woman who wears a t-shirt on stage over a catwoman suit (no offense, Beyonce – I love you, girl). Check out her video for “Less Than Zero” below or visit her site for more tunes.


duffyI’ve heard a lot of Duffy‘s music before, but I didn’t really start falling for her until she started popping up all over my Amy Winehouse Pandora Station. You just can’t ignore her. From “Mercy” to “Warwick Avenue”, she has such a wide range of upbeat dance music to soft lullabies. Fun Fact : Duffy was the first Welsh woman to have the number one song (“Mercy”) on the UK Singles Chart since Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in 1983. That’s worth something, right? She also won a Grammy, if that means more to you. Check out “Warwick Avenue” below or visit her YouTube page for more music.


NatashaKmetoI was ‘introduced’ to Natasha Kmeto when Jellyfish Brigade did a remix of “Want You Too”. The Portland singer/producer has an expansive background in numerous genres which helps her form unique beats layered with her own beautiful vocals. Last year she released The Ache, which is both haunting and poppy. Though I don’t hear a lot of her around the MidWest, she’s definitely an artist I like to check up on occasionally. Listen to “The Ache” below or visit her Soundcloud for more music.


Honorable Mention From Twitter Suggestions

Brought to us by the lovely Kat is Lianne La Havas, a sultry English vocalist I can’t get over – and she’s only 23! That’s crazy! She’s perfect for everything from that ‘I’m feeling sexy’ vibe to that ‘check out this awesome bubble bath I’m in’ vibe. To learn more, check out her website here or watch her video for “Elusive” below.


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