My Week : Interpreted by Music

Monday : Culture Cry Wolf announces new Sapient Sessions EP
I am a big CCW fan, and not just because I have friends in the group. I’ve been a fan since I heard their ska-punk-rock music combined with hip-hop influences a few years back. The Minneapolis group has made it down to our beautiful Sioux Falls several times, gathering quite the following. This week they announced their new album, produced by Portland’s Sapient (a personal favorite of mine). Sapient just released Slump a little over a month ago and it’s still playing regularly in my earbuds. The six-track album will be released for FREE on May 14, with a release party in Minneapolis on May 18. Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the album.


Tuesday : I went to the gym and was reminded of my love for Childish Gambino
A friend recently told me that the Macklemore station on Pandora is good to run to. So I tried it. Eventually Childish Gambino‘s “Heartbreak” came on and my nostalgic love came floating back. What can I say, I really like Donald Glover.


Wednesday : Tumblr showed me “Hip Hop Shopping Spree”
I visit Tumblr way to often for someone who isn’t 17. Sometimes it pays off because I get to see weird videos like this. Cdza put together this video calculating the spending spree you’d go on if you were in hip hop’s top hits. Pretty interesting and their YouTube channel has even more weird videos. Spend the afternoon checking them out, we all know Fridays are for Interneting.


Thursday : Timehop reminded me of Dessa’s “It’s Only Me”
I downloaded the app for this awesome thing called Timehop that shows you what your Facebook and Twitter posts were on that day in the past. It’s nostalgia at it’s best, and usually pretty funny. Last year I posted about hearing a new song from Dessa called “It’s Only Me”. I almost forgot about this amazing song! It will be included in her new album so I only have the live version but you should listen anyway.


Friday : My friends are off to Chicago and all I can think about is Silversun Pickups
Two of my wonderful friends are off to spend a few days in Chicago this weekend. When I moved there in 2009 for an internship, Silversun PickupsSwoon was just released. I listened to that album and the previously released Carnavas non-stop as I wondered through the city. Listening to “Panic Switch” brings me straight back to the busy streets and the L as if I never left.


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