The weather sucks : Stay inside and listen to music

It’s hard to get up and go to work when the weather is basically telling you to stay in bed. Sioux Falls has been hit with an ice storm making the world a monotone white and grey. It’s definitely what I would call a Bon Iver and hot chocolate kind of day, but if you’re looking for a few newer tunes, let me try to help.

dessaDessa‘s crew at Doomtree just announced her new album, Parts of Speech, will be released onJune 25. To celebrate the news and the pre-sale (yes, I already ordered mine), they also released a new song. Check it out below; it’s a little different from the stuff that normally comes from her, but I think it’s growing on me. The upcoming album is one of my most anticipated this summer, so I’m sure you’ll see more of her on the blog in the future.


blakeWisconsin native and literary extraordinaire, Hyphon, just released his newest album titled A Shapely sign of Things to Come. The album has been in works for quite some time now, as his last solo release was in 2010. Though he’s been busy with Another Exoneration and putting out a few singles, the album covers the last few years of his life. He chose to work with several different producers which, as he admits, takes away from a cohesive sound, but offers a wide range of independent hip hop beats and different structures – so you’re sure to find a song that catches in your head. Listen to “300 Miles” below or check out the full album here.


empiresI’m really not a fan of live albums (I would just rather BE there then have to listen to all the screams of girls over the exhausted voices of the band). So I really wasn’t necessarily excited when I heard that Empires released a Live in Chicago album from a show in their native city today. I did, however, go back and listen to their older albums to remember how much I like them. They’ve got this Cure-like grunge sound on their latest albums but their ‘earlier’ sounds from the 2008-era are a little more rock-n-roll (and the era I prefer – instead of shoegazing, it makes me want to do the Carlton). You can listen to all their albums here (the latest is Garage Hymns) or two of my favorite songs below.


3 thoughts on “The weather sucks : Stay inside and listen to music

  1. That Dessa track is odd, like disco mixed with El-P and Dessa vocals. I love it when artists don’t stick a single sound too long, but it’s uncomfortable hearing the new sound after bonding with the old sound so strongly. Pins and needles … sometimes they break skin.

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