Local artist creates Local Scene poster

TheLocalSceneLocal artist (and damn good Salt-n-Pepa impersonator) Zach DeBoer recently made a new print that I’m absolutely in love with. He made a post on Facebook asking for friends’ help coming up with as many names of South Dakota bands as possible. Now before you get in an uproar about ‘he missed this band’, remember that there are a LOT of bands from this state, and I’m sure he even listed some you never knew existed.

DeBoer took all the names and listed them out to create the shape of the state of South Dakota (as evident in the photos). It’s a wonderful piece and a great tribute to the SoDak scene. I picked one up right away, and though I’m still looking for the perfect frame, I’m excited to add it to my collection.

The matte paper print measures 18 x 24 and runs at $20 each. To purchase one, contact Zach by email at zacharymdeboer (at) gmail.com. He also does a lot of other artwork, so be on the lookout for his name.



4 thoughts on “Local artist creates Local Scene poster

  1. Cool! It’s too bad for us ex-Dakotans (who are fast forgetting the geography) that this poster doesn’t also give a sense of where in the state the bands are from. Of course that would create some unreadably dense clusters of letters in some places followed by a lone word or two for a long stretch west of Chamberlain.

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