Fuck Yeah Females : Lady Crushes

Welcome to another edition of Fuck Yeah Females, where I get the pleasure of naming some lovely ladies I think you should listen to. Whether I’ve been following them for a while or they have just popped up on my radar, they are all crush-worthy and need your attention.

emileEmeli Sandé has taken a spot at the center of my attention as I recently discovered her song “Next To Me”. It plays on the radio quite often and I jam out to it every time. I took a day to research the rest of her music and DAMN can this girl sing.

She’s got that Billie Holiday oldies style mixed with a little modern Janelle Monáe spunk and her voice is just like butter. The London native has won a shit ton of Brit awards and it’s only a matter of time before she takes over the US. She also has a jazzy version of a Beyoncé song coming out on the Great Gatsby soundtrack. And I think this might actually be a better version …

Check out her hit below or follow this link for more tunes.


lizzoIf you love Minneapolis hip hop and you’re not watching Lizzo, you’re really fucking up. This girl entered my radar last February when I saw her on a cypher for The Best Love Is Free (I still think she was the best thing in that video – no offense dudes). She’s been in a few projects and does quiet a few collaborations – which are all good in their own – but I got really excited when I saw Lazerbeak (from Doomtree) post about making an album with her. She just released a single from the upcoming album – title Lizzobangers – and it kind of reminds me of old school 90s female hip hop. It’s a good even between the ‘bow down bitches’ category and the ‘check out my guitar and braided hair’ category.

Check out the newest single, “T-Baby”, below.


iconaPop music for the love of dance music. What is it about weird electronica synthpop that gets your blood moving? I have a special spot for computer generated beats, I guess.

The Swedish duo, Icona Pop, is a posterband for the genre. Their radio hit, “I Love It”, kinda makes you want to be one of those dirty, sweaty girls at spring break that does the Willow Smith. You don’t actually HAVE to be that, but admit it, part of you wants to do it for like five minutes, then take a bath and go to bed.

Check it out below or click here to listen to another goodie of theirs that doesn’t make you feel like you’re at a Ke$ha concert.



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