A Few Jams For Your Hump Day

In a bit of a slump from the hump day? Let me help you get over it (see what I did there?). Here are a few things I’ve been jamming to lately.

errolErrol Hem has been all up in my earbuds since a friend sent me the link to his latest album, Taking Backroads Home, a few weeks ago. The East Moline, IL, native excels in the folk-inspired indie hip hop scene, and I just can’t help but get caught up in his songs. His voice seems recognizable but I can never quite nail it down – sometimes it’s Mac Lethal-ish and sometimes it’s Gavin Theory-ish – either way it definitely has a unique sound that I really enjoy. Listen to “Cement Forestation” below or check out his Bandcamp for more.



You know I love to love F.Stokes. This dude has been hustling lately – working his ass off to promote himself and make a new record. As one of the Kickstarter supporters to even make his upcoming project possible, I can’t stress enough how excited I am to hear his new album, which I believe is out sometime next month. He just dropped a song called “Shaka Zulu” that is just a tease to how great this album will be. Check the song out below or visit his Bandcamp for more music. Look for many more posts on my site when his album drops – I won’t apologize.


GatsbyMake fun of me all you want for being that chick that listens to soundtracks (I usually don’t) but this one is just too damn good. I saw The Great Gatsby last weekend and I’m still high from it’s awesomeness (nerd alert). Of course one of the best things about it was the music they used – and not just because my boyfriend, Jay-Z, is featured on it (see video below). It also features Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey, Emeli Sande, Jack White, and so many more. Check out the movie (more importantly, read the book) and look up these songs – it’s the age of the Internet, they’re all out there.


Throwback : Summer is finally approaching the beautiful 605 and some songs are flowing back into my playlist. This particular tune is one of the best for driving around with the windows down.


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