Spend Your Afternoon Listening To This New Culture Cry Wolf EP

CCWI have failed you. The new Sapient Sessions EP from Culture Cry Wolf has been out for THREE DAYS and I am just now posting about it. I am ashamed of myself.

I was pee-my-pants excited when I heard one of my favorite Minneapolis groups was working on music with one of my favorite Portland musicians. Sapient‘s Slump is one of my favorite albums of 2013 (so far … looking at you Jellyfish Brigade) so I’m still in that mindset where I think everything he touches is gold.

This EP comes out with a bit of sad news as rapper frontman Botzy has decided to leave and focus on his solo career. It will be interesting to see what happens with the group from this point forward, but I can say that I am a fan of Botzy AND of the music the group creates behind him. I have hope that they will both be successful with whatever they decide to do. I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to introduce them to Sioux Falls since their first show in town (and even before) and the numerous memories I have made when they are here, or when I am visiting them in Minnesota. As cliché as it sounds, I am proud of what they have accomplished as a group and excited to see them excel in any new ventures.

Now stop getting sentimental and check out the new music below, or purchase it at a name-your-own-price on Bandcamp.


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