Stream Pushmi-Pullyu’s New Album, Never Love A Stranger

PushmiPullyuI can’t fully express how much I love Pushmi-Pullyu. The Madison, WI group offers up this experimental electro-pop style with this ambient-rock side and an occasional jam-band hippie vibe. It’s a lot, I know, but every song seems to hold a different groove. Thankfully the wonderful people at the Madison Arts Extract, it’s streaming in full (and for FREE) until it’s release on July 2.

Never Love A Stranger is a beautiful and occasionally haunting piece of work that I feel my little earbuds don’t do justice to. This album makes me want to drive through country dirt roads in slow motion in an El Camino and pick up a hitchhiker who sits in the back with his dog playing an electric guitar. Or find a big open loft with wood floors and huge open windows and lay in the very middle while the music fills every inch of space around me.

Am I the only one that listens to music and immediately thinks of how it could be the soundtrack to an indie movie?

The album will be released through Mine All Mine Records and you know it’s cool because you could preorder a CD or a cassette. Yup, a cassette. According to their website it’s sold out, but the idea is still rad.

Follow THIS LINK HERE to stream the new album.


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