New Discovery : The 1975

1975What is it about British bands? They just seem to have this aura about them that makes me love them.

I stumbled upon The 1975 recently and they’ve been all up in my ear buds for days. I’m not sure if it’s because their pop undertones remind me of being 21 again, or maybe it’s because I swoon just a little when their slight accents pop through in the lyrics.

Don’t let the emo press photos fool you, this Manchester-based group is actually pretty upbeat. They classify as an alternative/indie rock group which is pretty accurate but some of their tracks even have an ambient, electronic vibe to them. They’ve been together for just over a decade, forming when they were 14 / 15 years-old and went to high school together.  They actually still have all four original members, which these days is almost as rare as Miley Cyrus being in public without sticking her tongue out. They’ve only released four EPs to date, but their debut full-length album comes out on Monday. Even though half of the album seems to be old songs refurbished, I’m still looking forward to it.

Watch their video for “The City” below or check them out on YouTube (just make sure to ignore those pointless remixes).


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