Humpday Breakdown

I’ve been overwhelmed with new music lately. Especially yesterday. New singles, new albums, new preorders! The spring/summer must have been extremely inspiring because all the great artists are emerging from their studios with bangers. Yes, bangers.

So to make life easy, I’ve compiled a list of these new releases. All you have to do is scroll down.

Extremely brand new stuff, just released yesterday from the middle of nowhere. Soulcrate has been working on Welcome Back From Wherever You’ve Been for a long time and it definitely shows. The craftsmanship of this album is on another level. I was expecting a sequel to Kick Rocks, but this album has gone so much beyond that. It’s almost an extension of 2010’s The Heartland Panic but not quite as heavy. There comes a point in some artist’s careers where the new albums just don’t show any improvement – it seems like it’s just a collection of discarded songs from previous albums. But this trio doesn’t seem to have that problem. This new album has top-notch production from mastermind DJ Absolute and a more positive vibe from emcees and brothers Wes and Dan. One of the things I enjoy about their music the most is that you get a sense of their lives in their lyrics.

If you like Soulcrate, this album won’t disappoint you. If you don’t know them, this is a pretty good place to start. Don’t miss their big FREE outdoor show next weekend in downtown Sioux Falls featuring performances from Soulcrate with Later Babes, P.O.S., Culture Cry Wolf, Boss Miller and Burlap Wolf King.

Check out their two latest singles, “Shot in the Dark (featuring Grieves)” and “Pulling Me Back” below or get their album on iTunes.


I caught these guys at SXSW in the summer of 2010 in a small grimy bar packed with Yelawolf fans. It was one of the smaller shows that I wanted to see the most. Austin, TX, is hot as is but this duo’s set was in the upstairs of small venue with no air conditioning (that I could feel, anyway). Although I felt like I was going to pass out the entire time, I was able to keep the sweat out of my eyes long enough to rock out to their amazing set. You really can’t get let down when two of the best ‘indie’ rappers of our generation combine forces. Astronautalis‘ raw vocals with the smooth power behind P.O.S.‘ raps create the perfect combination for cooking eggplant parmesan in your mom’s marble kitchen to drunkenly breaking down walls with a sledge hammer while wearing that leather vest you bought at a thrift shop (I know you have one).

Here are two quick plugs – P.O.S. will be in Sioux Falls on Saturday, September 14, at Soulcrate’s That Sounds Decent outdoor extravaganza (FOR FREE!), and Astronautalis will be here Thursday, October 3, with Why? at Boonies.

Enough rambling, listen below and consider buying the preorder.


The party king is back at the game with his latest single, “Zoo”. Released to (what I assume) hype people up for his big outdoor show in Minneapolis this weekend, the track is pretty classic Prof. It’s the high energy, I-don’t-give-a-fuck, let’s-get-drunk, style he masters. And that’s not always a bad thing. His music is super catchy and I have nothing but good (albeit ridiculous) memories from his shows. The dude himself is incredibly nice and has been making Sioux Falls his second home for years. Add the incredible Stophouse team behind him and it’s no wonder he has been making huge waves in the past few years. I know that he has been taking it a little easy lately due to some physical problems but he’s also not going to let anything get in his way of making sure every single person attending his shows has the time of their life.

Check out his single below and if you’re in Minneapolis on Saturday (or you need a trip), be sure to get a ticket to his show featuring Run the Jewels (El P + Killer Mike), Evidence, Soulcrate w/ Later Babes, Get Cryphy, and more.


I know I post a WHOLE LOT of rap / hip-hop music but I swear my musical taste goes far beyond that. This is one of them. I started listening to HIM in high school because I had a huge crush on Bam Margera (yes, from Jackass fame – don’t judge) and this was one of his favorite bands. But I really did enjoy the group. They reminded me of The Cure, and I also had this weird obsession with Robert Smith (I still think he’s amazing). I specifically remember when Love Metal came out in 2003 and I bought the CD, which stayed in my portable disc player all the time because I was too poor to get one of those new iPod devices.

Anyways, the group just released a new album, Tears On Tape (that name is so hardcore), and a video for their latest single. I love it in an edgy, emotional way. It’s kind of a creepy video, so I mostly just enjoy the sounds more than the sights.


Another genre that I just can’t give up are these young pop-punk bands that remind me of when I was 21, in college, and just didn’t give a shit about anything but the next concert, practicing my beer-pong skills, and $1 drink specials at the bar. I have a lot of great memories (and blurry ones) at these kinds of concerts and find the music catchy and fun as hell. It’s like Top 40 but without most of the misogyny. It’s just about being young and having fun and I am ALL for that (before I remember how many teenage girls actually follow these bands and how old it makes me feel). Fuck it, no shame!

Below are two of my favorite groups that recently released new videos.


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