Fun Tunes For Your Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a short but long overdue post. 🙂

Minneapolis rapper Ecid dropped a new EP on Monday titled Euphoria (Vol. 2). The album picks up where the previous Vol. 1 left off but also leaves you anticipating his upcoming full-length. My personal favorite tune is “You’re Really Something”, but that might have something to do with Ceschi’s feature. Ecid’s first single from the EP, “G R U N G E H O T E L”, is the banger track – even as I was listening to it through headphones I felt like the walls around me were shaking. Check out a video for the single below or head to Bandcamp to download the album for free (you can also pay money for physical merch or get the deluxe version on iTunes).


A good friend recently suggested I check out a Portland band called Typhoon and I’m pretty glad he did. I’ve started with their newest album, White Lighter, and am definitely digging it. They’re one of those bands that rarely plays without a dozen members – but I love that full band effect. The horn section, string instruments, and drums all backing this rough indie rock vocalist. My friend described them as a sort of Bright Eyes type band – and I can see that. It’s like if Conor Oberst grew up on Mumford and Sons. Check out their video for one of my favorites, “Dreams of Cannibalism”, below – or check out this rad not-so-Tiny Desk Concert they did for NPR.


I was watching some random TV show (probably on MTV) the other day and they played a City and Colour song, “Forgive Me”. I was instantly flooded with memories of how much I love this band and how little I’ve been listening to them lately. So I’ve been on a C&C binge lately and now you get to hear about. Lucky you. City and Colour is the brainchild of Dallas Green, who is also the guitarist/vocalist for Alexisonfire, a post-hardcore band. This is like his indie-rock outlet. Most of it is toned down a lot though his latest album has a much fuller sound to it. Check out this video for “Thirst” off their newest album, The Hurry And The Harm.


If you haven’t seen/heard Mary Lambert‘s “She Keeps Me Warm”, you really have to. An extension from her feature on Macklemore’s “Same Love”, the song is as lovely as a bucket of puppies. I absolutely adore this women and her strength as an artist and a person. Check it out below and then Google all the rad shit she does. Or just check back here for more updates in the future because I’m sure she’ll be mentioned again.


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