2014 Predictions

I don’t know why I just said ‘predictions’. I’m not a psychic. I just hate those ‘Artists To Watch” lists.

Anyway, here are some of my top choices for artists that I think will blow up (even more) in 2014, and music I’m excited for.

Find me on Facebook or in the comments section to tell me who is on the top of your ‘predictions’ list.

The London-based ‘alt rock’ group was formed from mastermind Dan Smith and I am obsessed with them. Their latest single, “Pompeii”, is all over Top 40 radio and finally giving the group the attention they deserve. Check out the video below and definitely consider buying their debut album, Bad Blood. You won’t regret it.

Obviously. I’ve been supporting this beautiful woman for years since I heard her on Mackelemore’s “Same Love”. She’s been touring with Macklemore all year long but tomorrow she officially releases her own album and I’m so giddy / excited about it. She recently signed to Capitol and I can’t wait for her to put more time into pursuing her solo career. Check out “She Keeps Me Warm” below and buy her album tomorrow!

In the hip hop world, I think Chance has already hit the ‘blow up’ status in 2013. The release of his mixtape Acid Rap (featuring appearances from artists like Action Bronson and Childish Gambino) has been certified platinum and got him a nod for a BET Hip Hop Award. I think 2014 will show him a lot more love outside the hip hop world, featuring him on many more Billboard lists and worldwide tours. Check out “Juice” below or go download his mixtapes FOR FREE!

Another UK band. Get over it. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Passenger earlier this year and am so glad their single “Let Her Go” is blowing up – it’s even broken into the list of top-grossing singles in the UK. It’s like pop rock with a twinge of folk in it. Kind of like if Connor Oberst was British and had a slightly higher vocal range. Check out the single below or consider buying their latest album, All The Little Lights.

You know I have to give some credit to Minneapolis hip hop. Lizzo has been topping the ‘to watch’ lists over the past few months and hopping on tours around the world like crazy. I can’t wait to see what else this lady does – I think 2014 will be the Year of the Lizzo. Check out “Batches & Cookies” below and go cop her album, Lizzobangers, soon.

Are you sick of me talking about them yet? Get over it because in 2014 you will actually get to hear a shit ton of new music from them, so just clear your schedule now. I’m like some weird mama-bear proud about these fellas’ music and can’t wait to continue to share all of it with anyone who will listen to me. I really think they will be your new favorite group. Listen to “The Art of Being Pulled Apart” below, check out their backlog on Bandcamp, and follow them on Facebook to be the first to know about new music.

This Sioux Falls group will be releasing an album in the Spring and I’m pee-my-pants style excited about it. UGP boasts some of my favorite local musicians (and friends) and their new album is high on my list of ‘most anticipated’. Check out this video of them performing on White Wall Sessions and like them on Facebook to stay up to date about new tunes.

Other Honorable Mentions : Betty Who, Lorde, Vayns, FACEBELTS! (coming soon)


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