They Are Called TEAM*

TeamA few weeks ago I stumbled across a group by the name of TEAM* and really enjoyed the few songs I heard. So I looked into them more … turns out searching ‘team band’ comes up with numerous websites and options. After a while of researching I started to connect them as musicians I already knew. You gotta love coincidences like that.

TEAM* is an indie rock duo from Dallas that reminded me immediately of a mix between Two Door Cinema Club and Vampire Weekend and maybe even a little Young the Giant. Blindly on the first listen I kind of thought the group was from the UK – something about the range of vocals and melodic keys made me picture two British dudes in skinny black jeans and shaggy hair jamming out. How’s that for imagery?

The group’s main two members are Caleb Turman and Rico Andradi from Forever The Sickest Kids – a pop punk Warped-Tour-style group (that I will fully admit to loving in my ‘scene’ days – and maybe even a little now). I probably would have recognized Turman earlier but he seems to have fallen into the hipster craze and now has a greasy vibe and gnarly mustache so he was almost hidden in a new persona.

It seems they travel (or sometimes work?) as a quartet but I could only find two random references towards these mysterious extra members. One said they are joined by Jay Vilardi (The Almost) and Bryan Donahue (Boys Like Girls). Another named Jared Ryan Maldonado (Portland’s Dresses) and James Gonzalez. Either way, it seems Turman and Andradi are the main creative so I’ll digress (although I do love the idea of a supergroup!).

The duo has a good ‘in’ to the music industry already with their previous experience but definitely seem to be working their way up from the bottom. The group released a self-titled EP before being picked up by a great label, South By Sea, to release their latest full-length, Good Morning, Bad Day. The album was produced and mixed by Will Pugh (Cartel).

So much name-dropping. I make no apologies.

The group has toured with / opened for bands like Barcelona, Imagine Dragons, Jimmy Eat World, and even Third Eye Blind. They also have some dates booked as an opener on the upcoming Motion City Soundtrack tour.

TEAM*’s music is upbeat and fun but not necessarily in a seizure-enducing way. It’s melodic and some songs have a slight ‘Jamaican’ drum vibe to it that makes it catchy as hell. A good listen if you’re into alt/indie/rock. I imagine they have a great live show as well and hope to catch a show someday (are dreams of a Sioux Falls gig too outlandish? Possibly.).

Check out one of my favorites, “I Like It” (such a suitable title), below or listen to the entire album on YouTube.

TEAM* Social Media : Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


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