Slow Friday afternoon? Listen to this.

Fridays can really drag, huh? If you need something new to check out while pretending to finish up that spreadsheet or even just want something new to discover over the weekend, I have you covered.

Here are a few new things I’ve been listening to over the week.

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Local artists create Stay Live Method collective

StayLiveA few months ago I was approached by a local hip-hop musician to be a part of a new group forming in Sioux Falls. The group was made mainly of other rappers in the area, with the purpose of merging the music and the art communities.

Stay Live Method focuses on creating a connection between all artists: musicians, photographers, painters, poets, etc. The goal is to create a new scene; A community that provides high quality live events through the connection of all creatives (and those who support the arts).

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New Video : Burlap Wolf King “August Rain”

I admittedly don’t listen to a whole lot of folk rock. I’m sure there are many great artists out there that I haven’t even heard of, and I won’t pretend to be a master at the genre.

But regardless of your specified taste in music, I’m betting you’ll like Burlap Wolf King. I’ve known Thomas Hentges for years (which is not long enough) and have often named him the best male vocalist in Sioux Falls. That may be an overbearing title, but every single time I see him live, he completely blows me away. Though BWK is his own masterpiece, he lists the help of many talented musical friends for recording and live sets. His new EP will be released on January25 and it’s already on my list of Most Anticipated Local Albums of 2013.

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Amos Slade : A Great MidWestern Rock Band

AmosIt hurts my heart that more people don’t listen to Amos Slade.

Phil Mueller (drums) has been a friend for several years and always gives me the inside scoop on new projects he’s involved in or stoked about. When I found out Landon Heil (bass) and Dan Ludeman (guitar) were also a part of the project, it’s safe to say that I was genuinely intrigued.

I reviewed their first EP, Cartography, for the February issue of 605 Magazine and loved it. I’d never heard Nick Engbers (vocals) before but was captivated by his voice and the group’s ability as a whole to sound so polished. It’s like post-rock meets shoegazer indie meets flannel over a v-neck. They do a great job at mixing up their sound, too. Songs like “Fort, Door, Sign” are loud and brash, but songs like ” Love Well, Punish Well” are melodic and simple.

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In Search of Atlantis post new EP sampler

The wonderful boys of In Search of Atlantis seemed to have disappeared from the world for a bit as they worked on recording new music. After vocalist changes, the band took some time to reassess their music and make sure they would come back better than ever.

And so they did. Any fan of local and regional hardcore/rock will take note that these guys are doing something special. Until you have the chance to capture their energy live, head over to their Facebook page to check out a new sampler from their upcoming EP.

New Album: Trey Lane “Here Goes Nothing”

Local rapper and all-around-great-guy, Trey Lane, has recently released his newest CD, Here Goes Nothing. The album showcases eight tracks with some of the best beats I’ve heard on his albums, and features from the likes of locals V the Noble One and A.Def, and national artist, Glasses Malone (among other).

Trey has been busy hustling lately, spinning heads while touring the region with Young Jeezy, inking a sponsorship with Jagermeister, and landing distribution through UMG. The guy has been traveling relentlessly pushing his music and I am really excited to see what great things are yet to happen for him.

 You can check out clips from the songs on his website, or go to his CD release show this Saturday (August 27) at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Sioux Falls with additional performances from Midwest Blessed, Trife Mack, and The Sound Insurgent. Doors for the all ages show open at 7pm.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 the day of. Physical tickets can be purchased at Ernie November’s on 41st street, both Last Stop CD Shops, and online through The CEU.

Author creates Kickstarter for new EP

St. Paul, MN, and Sioux Falls, SD, based indie-rock band, Author, currently has a Kickstarter project running to earn money for recording their new EP. The group is planning to travel to Florida in October to record with Aaron Marsh (of Copeland). Backers of the project can receive the EP, t-shirts, and even a date from one of the members for different levels of donations.

Learn more about the band here or support their project here.