Humpday Breakdown

I’ve been overwhelmed with new music lately. Especially yesterday. New singles, new albums, new preorders! The spring/summer must have been extremely inspiring because all the great artists are emerging from their studios with bangers. Yes, bangers. Continue reading

Stream Pushmi-Pullyu’s New Album, Never Love A Stranger

PushmiPullyuI can’t fully express how much I love Pushmi-Pullyu. The Madison, WI group offers up this experimental electro-pop style with this ambient-rock side and an occasional jam-band hippie vibe. It’s a lot, I know, but every song seems to hold a different groove. Thankfully the wonderful people at the Madison Arts Extract, it’s streaming in full (and for FREE) until it’s release on July 2.

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Spend Your Afternoon Listening To This New Culture Cry Wolf EP

CCWI have failed you. The new Sapient Sessions EP from Culture Cry Wolf has been out for THREE DAYS and I am just now posting about it. I am ashamed of myself.

I was pee-my-pants excited when I heard one of my favorite Minneapolis groups was working on music with one of my favorite Portland musicians. Sapient‘s Slump is one of my favorite albums of 2013 (so far … looking at you Jellyfish Brigade) so I’m still in that mindset where I think everything he touches is gold.

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Hey! Here’s a new post about new things!

In the crazy madness that is my job during the month of March, I have not been able to make many updates. Don’t you worry, I’m back, and I’m ready to catch you all up. Check out these new videos, songs, and albums released recently. I also highly encourage your feedback here or on Twitter if you want to tell me what you’ve been listening to. If I like it, I just might post it. Continue reading

Phantom Balance debuts new video, Sapient releases new record, and I get a promotion at work

Happy Tuesday lovely readers. It’s been a while since I posted some of my new ‘jams’ but here’s me making up for it.

PBSioux Falls’ own Phantom Balance dropped their new video for “Coliseum” (posted below) today. It’s a gritty song with a matching dark video but I love that it highlights the natural chemistry between the two brothers. I have extremely high hopes for these guys in the local scene and I think that will be more evident when Loser, their new album, comes on out March 1.

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New Release and Interview : Fargo’s Tony The Butcher and Blitz

CousinofSleepYears before the idea of this site was even born, Kipp G and Tony The Butcher were inching their way in to the Sioux Falls music scene. I’ve met them numerous times through shows, interviewed them for articles, and even driven up to Fargo to see them perform in their hometown. (I also wrote a [slightly fictional] biography on them for 605 Magazine last July.) But the hip hop duo also seems at home in Sioux Falls, and why not? They’ve probably played more (and bigger) shows than half the local artists (together AND solo), and supported our scene like their careers were dependent on it.

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