2014 Predictions

I don’t know why I just said ‘predictions’. I’m not a psychic. I just hate those ‘Artists To Watch” lists.

Anyway, here are some of my top choices for artists that I think will blow up (even more) in 2014, and music I’m excited for.

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Fun Tunes For Your Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a short but long overdue post. 🙂

Minneapolis rapper Ecid dropped a new EP on Monday titled Euphoria (Vol. 2). The album picks up where the previous Vol. 1 left off but also leaves you anticipating his upcoming full-length. My personal favorite tune is “You’re Really Something”, but that might have something to do with Ceschi’s feature. Ecid’s first single from the EP, “G R U N G E H O T E L”, is the banger track – even as I was listening to it through headphones I felt like the walls around me were shaking. Check out a video for the single below or head to Bandcamp to download the album for free (you can also pay money for physical merch or get the deluxe version on iTunes).

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New Wide Eyes Album With Phillip Morris

wideeyesRap fans rejoice! Minneapolis’ Wide Eyes have just released a new album, The Sick And The Dead, with Chicago/Minneapolis’ Phillip Morris – their first album in two years. Oh, and it’s free!

Wide Eyes has played Sioux Falls several times, including an opening spot for Soulcrate Music last summer. The group consists of Sean Anonymous (who has been called a “maverick in the world of underground hip-hop“), Dimitry Killstorm, Tony Phantom, and DJ Name. The group has done famously in the Minneapolis rap scene and their partnership with Morris is no surprise.  Continue reading

YouTube Channel of the Day

It’s Monday, so I know you don’t actually want to be working. Here’s an excuse to waste some time.

I watched this video of a group covering Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” in a Doo Wop 50s style on YouTube last week. Suddenly I saw it popping up everywhere on Facebook. Turns out other people liked it, too. But what is even better is that the whole channel is this group of amazing musicians, Postmodern Jukebox, covering current Top 40 songs in all different time-period styles including 40s, 50s and even Ragtime. Continue reading