I’ve always been told I have the face for radio.

So I’m making a podcast. Which will be coming soon!!

Until then, check out some of these audio clips from my radio show at 94.5 KCFS (Sioux Falls) during Spring/Summer of 2010.

Episode 16 – Prof

Episode 15 – Culture Cry Wolf

Episode 14 – Brian Bieber

Episode 13 – Ft. Avian Sunrise

Episode 12 – Ft. The Sewer Rats

Episode 11 – Ft. Adapt

Episode 10 – Ft. Roller Dollz

Episode 9.2: Ft. Erica Sunde

Episode 9.1: Ft. Funky Fresh

Episode 8: Ft. Wes (Soulcrate Music) and Isaac (We All Have Hooks For Hands)

Episode 7: Ft. Harlequin Studio

Episode 6: Ft. A Bright Idea

Episode 4: Ft. In Search of Atlantis

Episode 4: Ft. Heather Mangan

Episode 2: Ft. Kiel M

Episode 1: Ft. Trey Lane

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