If you live in Sioux Falls, I can deliver within hours! If you live outside, expect a few days of mail time – and an extra mail fee.

If you’d like to purchase something, send me an email to thelucyrae (at) Payment will either be cash/check on delivery or via Paypal.


Wanderlust painting
Black Frame
21.5″ x 10″


Made of Flaws painting
No frame, gold border
16″ x 20 ”



Bloom painting
gold frame
12″ x 18″


Be Loud painting
Black frame
14″ x 14″



Hakuna Matata painting
No frame
14″ x 11″



Spring Paris painting
No frame
14″ x 11″


Butterfly painted 7″ vinyl record


Drip painted 12″ vinyl record


Fly painted 12″ vinyl record


Not Giving In painted 12″ vinyl record


Live painted 12″ vinyl record


Laugh painted 12″ vinyl record


Love painted 12″ vinyl record
TRIO DEAL : Live / Laugh / Love for $40



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