Spend Your Afternoon Listening To This New Culture Cry Wolf EP

CCWI have failed you. The new Sapient Sessions EP from Culture Cry Wolf has been out for THREE DAYS and I am just now posting about it. I am ashamed of myself.

I was pee-my-pants excited when I heard one of my favorite Minneapolis groups was working on music with one of my favorite Portland musicians. Sapient‘s Slump is one of my favorite albums of 2013 (so far … looking at you Jellyfish Brigade) so I’m still in that mindset where I think everything he touches is gold.

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My Week : Interpreted by Music

Monday : Culture Cry Wolf announces new Sapient Sessions EP
I am a big CCW fan, and not just because I have friends in the group. I’ve been a fan since I heard their ska-punk-rock music combined with hip-hop influences a few years back. The Minneapolis group has made it down to our beautiful Sioux Falls several times, gathering quite the following. This week they announced their new album, produced by Portland’s Sapient (a personal favorite of mine). Sapient just released Slump a little over a month ago and it’s still playing regularly in my earbuds. The six-track album will be released for FREE on May 14, with a release party in Minneapolis on May 18. Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the album. Continue reading

Interview : Minneapolis’ Botzy talks love for Sioux Falls, The Best Love Is Free

Botzy2It was just over two years ago that Adam Botsford (aka Botzy) made his first trip to Sioux Falls to promote his band, Culture Cry Wolf‘s, first show in town. Since then, the Minneapolis group has gained a cult-like following, opening for locals like Soulcrate and Later Babes, as well as headlining their own shows. Rapper/emcee/web-nerd Botzy has also performed a few solo sets in town, and you can catch him performing this Saturday, December 22, at Boonies for the Label “Still Breathing – Pumping Life Into Our Skate Scene” fashion show and benefit.

Until then, check out this interview I did with Botzy about his undying admiration for Sioux Falls (mainly a downtown bar called TommyJacks) and his annual event and compilation CD, The Best Love Is Free.

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New Video: Jellyfish Brigade for Best Love is Free 3

In case you haven’t been able to figure it out yet from my numerous Facebook, Twitter, or even previous site posts, I am in love with Jellyfish Brigade.

A good friend introduced me to the group last year and I’ve been obsessed since. It didn’t take long for me to connect with the wonderful Lucas Dix (also of Hives Inquiry Squad) and urge him to submit to The Best Love Is Free, ran by the amazing Botzy in Culture Cry Wolf. Not only has a rap friendship blossomed, but the two got together to make this video for the song “Sunflowers” in promotion for The Best Love Is Free 3, due out in just a few short weeks. And, rumor has it there will be more collaboration work from the two artists in the future. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.)

Check out the video below. Then head over to Jellyfish’s bandcamp to hear more of their music.

The Best Love Is Free 3 concert is set for February 11 at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. Performers include Culture Cry Wolf, Toki Wright, Crunchy Kids, K.Flay, and more. Check out the event page here and get your tickets!

New Video: Culture Cry Wolf

My super rad friends over in Culture Cry Wolf released a brand new video today for their new single, “Day of the Dead”

You may remember these guys from Soulcrate’s summer kick-off show back in May, a special El-Raedio episode, or the numerous rap parties they throw up in Minneapolis. Either way, they rule, and you should definitely get to know them.

Check out the video below, and be sure to grab a pre-order of their newest album,  Dia de los Muertos, over at their website. You won’t be disappointed.