Cause of the Day : Be a Fearless Beauty

F-StokesThe beautiful Rodney Lucas (aka F. Stokes) has recently launched his Kickstarter to raise funds for his next album, Fearless Beauty.

As anyone with a goal to create art may know, that shit can get expensive. From recording artists to photographers to authors, making the work is one thing but distributing it is a whole other level. Continue reading


Call to Action: For one week, be a hoarder.

Last week, I came across a post on Facebook about a local organization, the Museum of Visual Materials, asking for donations of recycled materials.

The Museum offers numerous great activities, from art shows to photography lessons to crafting daycare. In order to be able to provide so many events, they need to be as ‘green’ as possible.

I fully support the Museum and back their efforts. So I am putting out a call of action to all my friends: starting today, January 17 through Sunday, January 22, be a hoarder.

The list of materials they are currently taking as donations is long. And even better, they are things many people can easily find around the house. From old calendars and shirts to empty jars and egg cartons, the materials can easily be collected instead of thrown away.

On Sunday, January 22, I will be collecting these items to take in to donate FOR you. It’s that easy. All you have to do is set aside any items you want to get rid of on THIS LIST, then shoot me an email at thelucyrae (at) gmail (dot) com telling me, and I will arrange a time on Sunday to pick them up at your house. Don’t have anywhere to put the items? I will GIVE you a box to fill.

Winter has finally arrived and that means you are probably opting to stay inside more often. Make use of that time and collect some old items to get rid of. Keep some of the things you generally throw away: baby food jars, Kleenex boxes, tape dispensers, etc. Just make sure it’s on the list.

Supporting the community is more than attending events or sharing information. If we can make a huge donation just from a little effort like this, it’ll really be a big difference.

So again: Hoard anything on the list starting NOW. Email me at thelucyrae (at) gmail (dot) com and I will arrange a time to pick up your donations on Sunday, January 22.

It’s a really simple thing to do, even if you only hoard two things. It all helps.