RIP Gavin Theory : New tune from IAME & Lucas Dix

gavinsoensI never had the opportunity to meet Gavin Soens in person, but his influence is seen almost daily through many of my friends and idols. The Wisconsin native was part of Hives Inquiry Squad, and later moved to Portland with fellow rapper (and Hives bandmate) Lucas Dix. Though I didn’t know Gavin in his younger years, I have heard and read many stories to make it feel like I did. I wish I did. Continue reading

Hey! Here’s a new post about new things!

In the crazy madness that is my job during the month of March, I have not been able to make many updates. Don’t you worry, I’m back, and I’m ready to catch you all up. Check out these new videos, songs, and albums released recently. I also highly encourage your feedback here or on Twitter if you want to tell me what you’ve been listening to. If I like it, I just might post it. Continue reading

Music Monday : A post for Lucas Dix


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I’m switching up the Music Monday type entry a little today to make a special post dedicated to a good dude who I admire. (Don’t worry, there are also music suggestions included. )

You may or may not know Lucas Dix from the groups Hives Inquiry Squad and Jellyfish Brigade. A Wisconsin native, the mighty teacher/rapper/hiker/basketball fan/chicken owner now lives in Portland. I was introduced to his music a few years back through a friend and have followed him (generally in a non-creepy way) ever since. I have gotten to know him a bit through the works of social media and written rap verses and have nothing but positive things to say (and hear) about the dude.

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