2014 Predictions

I don’t know why I just said ‘predictions’. I’m not a psychic. I just hate those ‘Artists To Watch” lists.

Anyway, here are some of my top choices for artists that I think will blow up (even more) in 2014, and music I’m excited for.

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Music Monday : A post for Lucas Dix


Photo by Christa Mariottini. See more at http://www.christamphoto.com/.

I’m switching up the Music Monday type entry a little today to make a special post dedicated to a good dude who I admire. (Don’t worry, there are also music suggestions included. )

You may or may not know Lucas Dix from the groups Hives Inquiry Squad and Jellyfish Brigade. A Wisconsin native, the mighty teacher/rapper/hiker/basketball fan/chicken owner now lives in Portland. I was introduced to his music a few years back through a friend and have followed him (generally in a non-creepy way) ever since. I have gotten to know him a bit through the works of social media and written rap verses and have nothing but positive things to say (and hear) about the dude.

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Music Monday : Staff Recommendations

MMStaff Recommendations seems like a better way of saying ‘this is the shit I like’.

Music Monday posts will be my way of showing you what I’ve been listening to all week and what’s been on my radar. So don’t feel bad if you miss me on your social network feeds. I’ll catch you up.

I’ve already posted my love for Jellyfish Brigade’s new release so skip back if you want to re-read it.

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New Music : Jellyfish Brigade


If you know me, you probably know that I adore Jellyfish Brigade. It’s not a secret. It’s borderline resume-quality information about me. I was introduced to Lucas Dix as a part of Hives Inquiry Squad a couple years ago and followed him as he teamed up with The Great Mundane to form JB.

The Portland duo has just released a much-too-short EP titled The Art of Being Pulled Apart. The three-song FREE download contains a sweet and simple tease to what the group has up their sleeve. It’s a unique spin on the typical hip hop music. In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m not completely telling the truth when I label it hip hop.

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New Video: Jellyfish Brigade for Best Love is Free 3

In case you haven’t been able to figure it out yet from my numerous Facebook, Twitter, or even previous site posts, I am in love with Jellyfish Brigade.

A good friend introduced me to the group last year and I’ve been obsessed since. It didn’t take long for me to connect with the wonderful Lucas Dix (also of Hives Inquiry Squad) and urge him to submit to The Best Love Is Free, ran by the amazing Botzy in Culture Cry Wolf. Not only has a rap friendship blossomed, but the two got together to make this video for the song “Sunflowers” in promotion for The Best Love Is Free 3, due out in just a few short weeks. And, rumor has it there will be more collaboration work from the two artists in the future. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.)

Check out the video below. Then head over to Jellyfish’s bandcamp to hear more of their music.

The Best Love Is Free 3 concert is set for February 11 at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. Performers include Culture Cry Wolf, Toki Wright, Crunchy Kids, K.Flay, and more. Check out the event page here and get your tickets!