Sioux Falls Musicians Market 2011

Last year I started an event which I named the Sioux Falls Musicians Market. It was the culmination of years worth of ideas and numerous friends’ thoughts. The event was held in October at the 8th and Railroad Center in downtown Sioux Falls. Local musicians and music-related businesses were able to register for a spot at the event, where they would be able to meet other artists and contacts within the ‘scene’.

We received an amazing turnout with over 60 participants (including bands, photographers, radio stations, local publication, and music retailers). I was floored with the excitement the community had to offer over the event and the scene as a whole.

Though I did run into a few problems with asshole musicians (I won’t name names – you know who you are) ruining a good time for the group, I would like to prepare another event. As last year was the first year, I definitely learned a lot about what the event could be, and received some feedback from participants.

As I start to organize another event, I would gladly accept any and all of your feedback on how to make this year bigger and better. Please head over to the Musicians Market website and leave your ideas on this post. You can even do it anonymously!

This event would be nothing without the help of my friends and local musicians. I welcome any discussion on the event and idea as a whole!

(Above photo by Daybreak Photo and Design.)


Sioux Falls Musicians Market

I’m very excited to be putting together an event in Sioux Falls titled the Musicians Market.

The event is set for October 8, 2010, at the 8th and Railroad Center in downtown Sioux Falls.

The Musicians Market will present the Sioux Falls community with an opportunity to be involved in and experience the local music scene firsthand. The event will hold a mixer for bands, media, recording studios, bookings agents, photographers, and various others involved with music. It will also allow the public to visit with the artists and discover new talent.

Created to build a united group of artists and solidify the local scene, the MM is open to everyone. Local music will be played throughout the night, but no bands will be performing live. Thus, no one band, genre, or age group will be treated as a main focus. The event is open to anyone involved with music, from playing an instrument to covering concerts for the news to taking photos for band websites, and so on. Continue reading