New Music : Jellyfish Brigade


If you know me, you probably know that I adore Jellyfish Brigade. It’s not a secret. It’s borderline resume-quality information about me. I was introduced to Lucas Dix as a part of Hives Inquiry Squad a couple years ago and followed him as he teamed up with The Great Mundane to form JB.

The Portland duo has just released a much-too-short EP titled The Art of Being Pulled Apart. The three-song FREE download contains a sweet and simple tease to what the group has up their sleeve. It’s a unique spin on the typical hip hop music. In fact, I sometimes feel like I’m not completely telling the truth when I label it hip hop.

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Now Available: Gills and a Helmet by Jellyfish Brigade

Streaming out of the rainy Northwest, Jellyfish Brigade is composed of Hives Inquiry Squad’s Lucas Dix and friend Jeffrey Acciaioli (aka The Great Mundane). The duo recently launched a six-track EP titled Gills and a Helmet, available for a name-your-own-price. Experimenting with different electronic styles, JB debuts an impressive record in less than 26 minutes. Dix’s vocals fit smoothly over the beats and represent the small (but great) aspects of an average life. Hope, love, regret, change, and spirit are all themes throughout this beautiful record that definitely deserves a spot on your daily playlist.

Get the album here.

Check out my favorite song, “Well Dwellers” below.

“Be loud my love to the clouds above.
It’s the now not the how it was.
No regrets ‘cause the doing’s done.
Each choice we make will be the right one.”

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