Fuck Yeah Females : Spotlight on Dessa

dessaIt’s no secret that I adore Dessa. Not in a creepy way, but a high school “YOU GET ME!” kind of way. I’ve been drawn to her music since I first heard of Doomtree years ago, and that connection was only solidified with her newest album, Parts of Speech.

A lot of her songs come off as a sort of spoken word piece, which is understandable since she’s such an incredible writer and poet. Her words flow so easily and with meaning – you can hear the happiness, the strength, and the sadness in her voice. Every live performance is like telling her story for the very first time – the good, the bad, and the love lost.

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The weather sucks : Stay inside and listen to music

It’s hard to get up and go to work when the weather is basically telling you to stay in bed. Sioux Falls has been hit with an ice storm making the world a monotone white and grey. It’s definitely what I would call a Bon Iver and hot chocolate kind of day, but if you’re looking for a few newer tunes, let me try to help. Continue reading